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Helsby, Cheshire  WA6 9AS
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Here at RockCCTV  - We recommend installing Digital IP cameras - as we consider installing an analogue system today would not give our customers the desired level of future proofing that we as a business would want to provide. POE ( Power over Ethernet ) gives unrivalled clarity to your recordings.

We locate your recorder box in your loft - recording all activity for at least a rolling three weeks. Should anything occur in that time you can always be assured that it will have been recorded and retained. The recorder is best protected from the dusty environment of your loft by being housed in a beautiful wooden box. We've even thought of pine cones glued to the inside to keep the spiders at bay.

Our prices are very competitive. Send us some photos of your house ( or business ) and after a few questions about your home - We'll probably be able to give you a quote over the phone.

Typically we recommend a 4 camera Sannce system :-

     1 * 4CH 1080P NVR - 1 Terrabyte SSD Recorder
     4 * 1080P Day / Night POE IP Networked Cameras
     1 * 25mtr Camera Cable plus
     3 * 15mtr Camera Cables
     1 * CD + User Manual + Warning Sticker
     1 * Ethernet extender pair to connect to your router
         Powered from the lighting circuit in your loft.

Our setup includes configuring your phone to access your cameras.

12 month warranty on all parts and our labour.

What we provide




Cam1 Day

Cam1 Night

Cam2 Day

Cam2 Night
With the porch light from next door - it is hard to tell the difference between Day and Night.

Cam3 Day

Cam3 Night
With no light from another source - this is as dark as it gets.
The solution would be to install a PIR light to assist the illumination.